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Dianthus Software Package (1 license)

SKU: DI-021031
€17,989.00 excl VAT


This package includes two software suites - DI.Control and DI.Screening Analysis - compatible with the Dianthus Pico and Dianthus instruments. It provides one license for installation on one PC running Windows 10 x64. DI.Control is the dedicated control software designed for users that require high throughput and want to process and annotate many samples quickly. It contains assay development workflows with analysis features that help you with screening assay design. Easy and intuitive, it ensures smooth instrument operation. DI.Screening Analysis is designed for the evaluation of your large sets of screening data. Automated ligand categorization, illustrative plots, and comprehensive tabular overviews are just three of the many features the software offers. Analyze single-dose screening results for hit identification or rank your ligands by binding strength, depending on affinity screening data.

For use with
Dianthus Pico


Available for Product Lines:
  • Dianthus Product Line
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